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Currently DCupCash offers one program: $30 per active member. This means that every surfer you send us, that buys a trial membership and rebills to full member, will earn you a $30 payout. If your surfer buys a full price membership at once, without getting a trial, you will also get paid $30 for this.


  • Your checks will be sent out to you on a weekly basis, providing you have accrued a minimum of $25.00 US.
  • Stats and Checks are being handled by a third party (CCBill.com), so you can rest assured that there is no shaving. You get what you earn. Anyway, we are too busy maintaining our sites to shave :)
  • If you refer another webmaster to our program, you will get paid 5% of all sales made by that webmaster, for life!
  • If you can send us more than 10 signups a day, click here to contact us. We have a deal for you!
  • You may be wondering how you can make a lot of cash with our program, when there are sites out there paying you a lot more than $30! Simple: Our sites convert amazingly, at least twice as good as anything out there... (that's automatically double the money in your pocket). Before launching, our sites go through a rigorous process of inspection and testing so that your ratios with targeted traffic will always be 1:400 or better! Plus our retention is amazing, and your surfers will love our members' areas. With DCupCash you'll simply watch your money grow really fast!
  • The webmasters that are currently in our beta test are making a nice chunk of money. Signup now to start selling our hot converting sites, make real cash and don't get shaved! Plus, you can rest assured your surfers are not being screwed, and they're only charged for one membership. We want to keep our industry clean, not rip off the surfer.
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